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Public Safety

I feel Public Safety is of utmost importance.  Having adequate funding for our Sheriff’s Department as well as Emergency Response Personnel is imperative.  We need to find a way to fund these positions adequately so that we are able to retain these well-trained individuals.  We are lucky to live in a safe county, and one of the reasons for that is our outstanding law enforcement personnel. (Read More)

Workforce Development and Retention

As residents of Marathon County, we know how great it is to live here.  However, one of the issues we face is how to attract prospective employees to our area.  We have outstanding medical facilities and various industries that work tirelessly to recruit new talent.  Unfortunately these employers often lose great candidates to larger cities.  



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County road and highway maintenance

The Marathon County Highway Department maintains over 600 miles of county highways.  The average life of asphalt on a highway is 20 years.  As we travel through our county we can see many improvements that have been made this past summer with re-paving projects.  Some of these include portions of County Road P, County Road M to P, and County Road N to F.  There are also several Bridge Projects that have been completed in 2021.

A couple future projects planned for 2022, include a new roundabout on County Road WW, and work to be done on County Road K.  The Infrastructure Committee is responsible for overseeing the Highway Department, so if appointed to this committee upon election, I will be dedicated to making sure our wheel tax dollars are spent appropriately, and projects are accurately prioritized. 

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North Central Health Care

There are several programs previously offered at North Central Health Care that are not currently in operation.  One is the Medically Monitored Treatment Program, which according to, is an "inpatient program that offers voluntary and involuntary mental health assessment, treatment, stabilization and alcohol/drug detoxification services for adults 18 or older."  There is no other facility of this kind in our county.  

Other suspended programs include Day Treatment and Driving with Care.  The reasons for these suspended programs are due to COVID and the construction project to expand capacity for inpatient mental health services which includes drug detox.  Heroin, Meth and Opiod addiction is a serious problem in Marathon County.   

Another critical program offered by NCHC, is Crisis Services, which helps assess mental health and substance abuse emergencies.  COVID has negatively affected many of our community members of all ages, and some are in desperate need of help with nowhere to go.  Unfortunately, we have seen the devasting effects recently with two of our youth committing suicide in one month's time, and those are the ones we know about.   It is imperative that these programs be reinstated as soon as possible.

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